AND Festival (Spring) \\ Cumbria, UK \\ 15 March – 10 April 2010

In Spring 2010, audiences joined AND Festival on a digital journey across real and virtual worlds in Cumbria, Lancashire and online, as they abandoned the city to head for the hills. Strange, playful and radical interventions took place across the Northwest’s stunning landscape as a host of artists, scientists and designers mapped the region to question our relationship with nature and technology, food and health, work and play.

Fri 26th Mar 2010

At nightfall on the 26 & 27 March 2010 visitors to Preston were bathed in fake moonlight.

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Fake Moon \ Simon Faithfull (2010)

Fri 26th Mar — Sat 27th Mar 2010
Sat 10th Apr 2010 Ι 14:00

Improv Everywhere are experienced at causing scenes of chaos and joy in public places and with their help we reclaimed the Blackburn streets in a flashmob spectacle.

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MP3 Experiment \ Improv Everywhere (2010)

Sat 10th Apr 2010
Mon 15th Mar 2010

A rundown but functional old vending machine stood alone in the Dukes Bar. Every now and again, without warning, it would spring…

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Vending Machine \ Ellie Harrison (2010)

Mon 15th Mar — Sat 10th Apr 2010
Mon 1st Mar 2010

In 2010 AND commissioned US artist Rob Ray to create a new interactive mapping project in Grizedale Forest, GET LOST! The GPS and…

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GET LOST! \ Rob Ray (2010)

Mon 1st Mar — Sun 4th Apr 2010
Grazing Jellies, Huson-Powel

During the AND Festival in Grizedale Forest in 2010, interaction design collective duo Hudson-Powell spent time on site experimenting with with technologies…

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Grazing Jellies / Hudson-Powell (2010)

Sat 3rd Apr 2010