W2 Event – Abandon Normal Devices – COMPETE: Faster, Higher, Stronger

Feb 20, 2010 7pm-9pm

COMPETE: Faster, Higher, Stronger

The Olympic Games are measures of human excellence but what happens when those measures are disrupted by self-augmentation and body modification? Our biological apparatus is in flux, vulnerable, yet re-imagined by technology. What will ability and disability mean in an era of genetically modified athletes and surgically sculpted children? How are artists contributing to this research and debate? For example, genetically screening for ‘perfect pitch’ may produce ideal singers, but whose ideal? Alternatively, what will the integration of future technology within biology mean for how humans communicate with each other via performances (dance, music or sport)?

With Amber Case (USA) and Dr. Jim Rupert (Canada). Moderated by Andy Miah (UK).